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Measuring Guidelines

Measuring for blinds is simple if you know how to measure your window properly. Ensuring that you have measured your window correctly is a top priority and the first step to ordering a new blind for your home.

Firstly, you need to decide where you want to fit the blind, either inside the window recess or outside the window recess. Once you have decided how you are going to fit your blind, use the easy to follow steps below to measure your window.

Inside Recess

Inside Recess

We make a small deduction from the width of an inside recess blind to allow for easy fitting.

Measure inside of wall to inside of wall in several places in case the wall is not straight: enter smallest measurement on the measure sheet in the width box. Measure top of reveal to window sill as above and enter this measurement into the drop box on the measure sheet.

Tick inside recess in the Measurement section.

Outside Recess

Outside Recess

Measure the area you would like your blind to cover: normally we recommend that this starts 7.5cms (3”) above the window recess and 7.5cms (3”) below it, then 10cms (4”) to each side of the recess. Give us this width measurement as your exact blind size. This is just a guide and you may wish to change this.

For roller blinds remember that the actual fabric width of your blind will always be 3.5cms (1.5”) less than the exact blind size measurement you provide to us, to allow for the brackets, so you may wish to increase the overall measurement to allow for this adjustment.

Tick exact blind size in the Measurement section.

Note: Always use a steel tape measure for accuracy and please provide metric measurements (centimetres).

If you are unsure and require any advice regarding measuring for your blind, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.